Sunday, September 26, 2010

Candy Corn Cones

When I received this month's issue of Woman's Day with the wreath made of candy corn on the cover, I came up with the idea for a candy corn cone.  Since then I see others have had similar inspiration and have posted great ideas with decorating with Halloween candy.  One thing great about these projects is that you probably have the basic supplies and the rest can be bought in the dollar store.

2 Styrofoam cones
2 bags of candy corn
orange paint, sponge brush, glue gun and glue

I started by painting the cones orange.  The cone needs a good coat of paint because the cone will show through the candy corn.  The Diet Dr. Pepper is not necessary, but it's good to stay hydrated.

Squeeze a thick line of hot glue onto the cone.  You want to squeeze just enough that you can work with before it dries.  Then place the candy corns flat against the cone making rings around the cone.

Not all rows will work out even and there will be gaps that are too big to leave empty, so I stuck a candy corn on it's side when I encountered this.

The cones I used were slightly larger than 8 rows of candy corn, but not tall enough for 9 rows so I cut off a little on the top.  To finish off the cones, I glued 1 candy corn in the center and made another row to wrap around it.

Because I wanted different heights and chose to use standard dollar store cones, I found these rocking candle holders at Savers.  I love walking into Savers and finding exactly what I want and paying exactly what I want to.

This project is just the first of my Halloween projects that I'm slowly finishing up.  Hopefully this week I'll have 2 or 3 more posted.  One is having technical difficulties that I hope to resolve tomorrow.

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  1. This is great. I'd made a cookie cone version last month for my daughter's 1st birthday (from a tutorial on Prudent Baby), but this is a great way to do it in a Halloween theme.

  2. Those are so cute, I really like how you have them displayed.

  3. Very cool looking cones. I may have to try that. :D I love candy corn though, so I might eat more then I glue :D

  4. Very neat. Halloween is my Fav holiday!! I have to agree with Jenny. I would probably eat half the bag.

  5. Marla, as a candy corn afficionado I must say....BRAVO! Love this playful nod to the classic seasonal treat!

    I'm so thrilled and honored to be in such good, talented, and dynamic company with the Toucan Tribe!!

    Warmest wishes, Jenn